Cognitive beliefs coaching

‘A winning solution’.

‘Argue for your possibilities, and sure enough, you will find much more capacity and ability inside yourself than you ever dreamed possible’.

If you are looking to change an aspect in your life that has become stagnant or you are simply wanting to improve on an existing talent Steve has the solution. A dynamic motivational coaching programme that teaches you where you went wrong and how to fix it.

Cognitive coaching is a modern form of coaching that helps clients overcome their issues and create change in areas that they feel need some attention. Its an approach that is highly bespoke to each client. This type of coaching is under pinned by recent scientific views of how our psychology functions which creates a bespoke approach to treating each and every person completely differently. This is what differentiates it from other forms of therapy in the field.

It is important that each client receives a personal approach which is ultimately individual to them as we all construct our experiences very differently, so the understanding of your own personality is highly focused upon. This type of coaching is constructed around transforming the unique way you experience buy viagra online same day delivery your symptom to get you to a solution and outcome.

Many of the issues we face in life are created by limiting ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that have been formulated from the past without realising and these create a very negative impact upon our conscious everyday lives. Many of these thoughts and ideas function below our conscious awareness, they are the limitations of our cognition (The process of knowledge through our experiences, thoughts and thinking), this in-tern causes us to feel negativity without actually knowing why, when this is the case our psychology can create repetitive, habitual problems that can feel difficult to understand or even control.

The aim is to get underneath the conscious mind and alter neural pathways. Successful coaching helps to influence our neuro-pathways so that your mind can become more receptive to new ideas, once achieved you will experience freedom and an increased ability to take responsibility and to positively manage your mind so that it works for you rather than against you. This can be a brief form of therapy, but focused on helping you to create significant, lasting change.

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