The ‘Medical model of ME/PVFS/CFS’. As discussed on Channel 5 Wright Stuff

The ‘Medical model of ME/PVFS/CFS’.

In Phil Parkers Lightening Process, he describes ‘The Physiological Catch 22’:

Posted November 2010

Many sufferers they find themselves stuck in the following downward spiral.

1. You fall ill due to an initial ‘bug’ or some stress, or external factor that started your M.E. This event caused an extreme stress on your immune system.

2. You felt very unwell. The symptoms were either very strong or lasted so long that you began to wonder if you’d ever get better. You consulted your doctor and specialists in a number of fields, but nobody seemed to have any answers, or provided much useful help, and the illness continued.

3. These concerns, understandably, made you even more stressed than you were when you got ill, which in turn made your body produce adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline (also known as epinephrine) and cortisol are a good and normal response to short term stress, but long term production of them exhausts us, it affects our blood sugar and thyroid levels, it suppresses (and messes up the proper regulation of) our immune system and makes us prone to illness and tiredness…..this unfortunately makes you loop back to step 2.

Please note: The physiology of this cycle is well documented by other authorities (Selye et al). We’ve tried to keep the above description brief and simple, but it is of course only a partial glimpse of the complex interactions of the mind, body and hormonal systems, and should not be taken as the entirety of our understanding of the physiological mechanisms involved. More complex events can result from long term stimulation of this cycle, such as adrenal exhaustion and low cortisol levels which in turn create different physiological responses and immune system regulationissues.

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