Mind Coaching – POA

Coaching is the art of helping someone to be better than they already are. Life is about connecting with people. The more confident you are, the more comfortable you feel in your own skin, therefore the better you impact on those around you and the happier and more balanced your life is. Using your energy and personal strengths together with preparation and planning is important in all walks of life. I will help you to understand yourself better. With this better understanding comes the confidence that gives you great opportunities to succeed in whatever it is you want from life. Unlock your potential and empower yourself to be THE BEST PERSON YOU CAN BE.


Psychoanalysis – POA

There is no reason at all why anyone should have to put up with something that is inside of themselves but outside their control. This type of therapy only uses hypnosis to aid the process of random recall of past events in the subjects life, which is known as free association. By examining past events this allows the associated emotion to be released using memory re-consolidation (patterns of behaviour or symptoms), become unnecessary and therefore cease to be allowing you experience life in a new positive way.


Smoking Cessation- POA

Stop Smoking in one session using Smoke-free mind hypnotherapy and positive suggestion. We will be able to help you to stop smoking once and for all in one session. Seem impossible? Not at all – We have a 95% success rate.  The session comprises of two parts, the first being, for you to ask any questions and for me to assess your suitability for the therapy. We will also give you an explanation of the psychology of why you smoke and why you have found it so frustrating trying to give up in the past. This then follows onto the second part of the therapy, Whereby hypnosis is administered.


Sports Psychology – POA

Success in your sport requires commitment, focus, concentration, positive images, and mental readiness, blanking out distractions, self control, persistence, confidence and passion… Hypnosis can give you the state of mind that you need to succeed. Sports hypnotherapy uses the turbo power of your subconscious mind to lead you successfully into the competitive arena with a positive mental attitude.