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Slimmer Mind has helped 1000’s of people lose weight and keep it off, remember there is no dieting, just freedom.

Dieting is very mental in every way … in every sense of the word.

There is a wonderful TV sketch in an episode of ‘men behaving badly’ where Tony (the character played by Neil Morrissey) goes on a diet after being picked on by the other three main characters. We see Tony struggling with the diet, saying how difficult it is and how hungry he feels. His flat-mate Gary (played by Martin Clunes), asks him how long he has been on the diet, to which Tony replies One hour and thirteen minutes!

This may be a little far-fetched, but not that far. Almost the minute people jump on a diet the immediately focus on the foods and drinks they can no longer have. In fact, most people start panicking about life without these foods and drinks days before they even start the diet. Clearly, this has nothing whatsoever to do with any genuine physical hunger, as they haven’t even started the diet yet. It is only down to a mental feeling of deprivation. The truth is you can go on just about any diet you like, but unless the mental deprivation is eliminated, the diets will all feel pretty much the same.

Whats included?

Your sessions will include, specialised psychological techniques that can be used at your own pace for support. A deep understanding of why diets do not work and the unique ‘Slimmer mind’ program.

Steve will teach you mind techniques that will give you extra motivation, energy and the willpower to help you shift that extra weight, and feel better about yourself without having to exercise. Many of Steve’s previous clients have commented that after the course of hypnotherapy that they feel happier, calmer, far more content, more relaxed and more positive than they have felt in years.

You will be able to learn simple but yet incredibly effective psychological weight loss techniques that will empower you and help you to regain control over your eating habits. These are effective techniques that you can put into practice immediately.

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