Mind Coaching

Get the best out of yourself! Be better efficient! Mind Coaching (MC) is by far the best way to manage everyday stresses, whether it be business/personal/sport’s coaching. Remember nobody ever taught you how to think, you got to wherever you are now by a naturally. Imagine if you were in control of your thoughts and feelings?

Where might you be, is the big question?

Nobody has ever taught us how to think or to manage our feelings or imagination. We have been taught many things through our formative years but never the links between thoughts, belief systems, self esteem, your success, our cognition and how this can effect your mental health including your physiology by producing psychosomatic disorders and immune deficiencies. Most therapeutic programmes only tell you what do, they miss out 80% of what’s really needed to make real change. By understanding how the components of your mind integrate and function together we begin to gain an insights to how we feel the way we do and realise its actually a choice.

This knowledge allows us to change how we ‘feel’ about the immediate environment around us rather than us trying to control it. Bad mental health isn’t just a state that ‘happens’ to us, whereby we have no control but its actually state we have a responsibility to manage.

MC aims to provide an understanding of how you got to where you are and highlight by giving you insight to where you have made the wrong turns. Enabling you to learn from your mistakes. Knowledge is power.

MC provides you with a back pack of tools that equip you to be able to be independent of your environment.

MC is a preventative rather than cure

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