Smoking Cessation

Why not save yourself a ton of money AND GIVE UP THE EASY WAY.

Why not experience the wonderful enhancement that hypnosis can give you to help you to stop smoking, with ease and without any of those cravings, leaving you feeling completely great and wonderful as a non-smoker. Stop smoking the easy way.

You to, can experience the wonderful enhancement that hypnotherapy can give you to help you to stop smoking with ease and without any of those cravings, feeling completely great and wonderful as a non smoker with clinical hypnosis. We use a combination of suggestion therapy, visualisation technique and positive thinking to make stopping smoking very easy.

Over 95% of smokers Steve has helped to quit smoking, gave up easily after just one session and remained a non-smoker with hypnotherapy.

They became total non-smokers and felt as though they had always been non-smokers.

FACT: A few years ago the largest study ever conducted into quitting smoking was undertaken. It studied nearly everything from the normal; will power, nicotine patches, positive thinking, placebos, chewing gum etc, and the conclusion was that hypnosis and hypnotherapy came out as the most effective smoking cessation technique.

So why not join milllions of others and stop smoking without the cravings using hypnotherapy.


The psychology of a smoker:

Smoking is all about the stress created the reward you require. You have a long day at work, you come home and a cigarette and feel better, your loved-one moans at you, you have another smoke and feel somewhat better, your manager at work moans at you….you smoke and feel better. Are you seeing any similarities?

So you give up smoking and quit the ciggy’s for the umpteenth year running with your willpower and all the other gimics, like the patches, and the horrible tasting gum, because you think you’re life is going to be great without it, but then you don’t see any benefits that immediately make you feel good, your job is still tough, your loved ones still moan at you, your manager is still the same, and NOW unbelievably you haven’t got anything to relax you anymore and you feel so stressed out!

You ‘gave up’ the one crutch in your life that actually helped you to feel less stressed out for nothing no immediate reward. Now you know why you feel tense, stroppy, angry and irritable!

Stop making the excuses and take control, giving up smoking is easy with clinical hypnosis.

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