Psychoanalyst, Coach and Clinical Hypnotist

“Thoughts become things, choose the right ones”. Manage them.


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Face to Face and Virtual Appointments Available – 24 Hours Worldwide.

Distant online appointments can conducted either online or by telephone for your convenience. Face to face appointments will take within a clinical setting.


Experience Life, Slow Down and give yourself the edge.


Do you feel that there’s not enough hours in the day? Do you need to learn to be more present, in the now?

Many of us nowadays are rushed off our feet with stress, whether it be due to work or other personal commitments we are forgetting what’s important, YOU. Over time this way of living will take its toll both mentally and physically. If your not taking the time out to invest in YOU and YOUR needs then you are not living the best life you could be.

Can you imagine a life without stress and fear? This could be your chance to make your life easier.


‘Success breeds success’.


Learn to get the best out of yourself! Learn to be more efficient!

An investment in therapy and coaching is by far the best way to learn to manage everyday problems, whether it be for a personal or business related problem.

Nobody ever taught you how to think, you managed to get where you are now by yourself. Imagine if you understood how to rid yourself those unwanted thoughts and feelings?

Nobody has ever taught us how to think or to manage our feelings or imagination.

We have been taught many things throughout our formative years but never the links between our thoughts, belief systems, self esteem, our cognition and how this can effect your mental health including your physiology. Most therapeutic programmes only tell you what do, they miss out 80% of what’s really needed to make real change. By understanding how the components of your mind and how they integrate and function together we begin to gain a powerful insight into change.

Bad mental health isn’t just a state that ‘happens’ to us, whereby we have no control but its actually state we have a responsibility to manage.


Telephone or email us confidentially for more information. Price plans available.


A therapeutic process that primarily focuses on an individual's unconscious and deep-rooted thoughts, whilst adopting the doctrine of cause and effect.


Coaching that enables you to master your own mind by understanding the components and how they integrate. Knowledge is power.


Provides a permanent solution to your issues by reprogramming your mind whilst altering your unwanted behaviour.


Specialised coaching that focuses on identifying and applying psychological principles that facilitate peak sporting abilities.


Why not experience the wonderful enhancement that hypnotherapy can give you to help you to stop smoking.


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