Foundation of Dichotherapy ™ including research and information

Dichotherapy™ defined


Dichotherapy ™ learning sessions are in an audio format and can also be provided in a private one to one session. Each of Steve’s audio’s represents creative ideas to help individuals overcome internal obstacles and achieve personal and professional aspirations. They are revelutionary in their application of the latest research and information.

“Dichotic” , meaning “relating to or involving the stimulation of each ear simultaneously by different sounds”..

Dichotherapy and Dictohic Audio’s advantages apposed to hypnotherapy and hypnotic Audios.

Faster results due to:

  1. More areas of the brain can be reached at one time (the hemispheres of the brain).
  2. Subconscious resistance is eliminated.
  3. An accelerated way of receiving communication to the brain as a meta-treatment.
  4. Pleasant and new experience.
What to expect with Dichotherapy™?

Accelerated audio suggestions sessions:

The listener can hear two separate voices coming into each ear which can also be a repetition of the same message at different stages.

These suggestions are above the conscious mind’s ability to process those messages simultaneously for more than a few moments. The result is a multi-level communication to different hemispheres of the brain. The listener will ultimately decide which ear’s information to attend to, and the attention tends to switch from time to time which makes it dichotic. The conscious mind’s experience of the audio is different with each listening session. Yet, the other than conscious which is referred to as “paraconscious” by Lozanov (1978) receives the entire message each time.

Each ear receives a unique message tailored to a different hemisphere of the brain and they include direction, advice, and create positive affirmations.

In cognitive psychology and neuroscience, dichotic listening is a procedure commonly used to investigate selective attention in the auditory system. More specifically, it is “used as a behavioural test for hemispheric lateralization of speech sound perception.

During a standard dichotic listening test

a participant is simultaneously presented with two different auditory stimuli (usually speech) separately to each ear over headphones. Participants are asked to distinguish/identify one or (in a divided-attention experiment) both of the stimuli. Later, they may be asked about the content of either message (Hemispheric Specialization for Speech Perception,” Studdert-Kennedy and Shankweiler -1970) and (Hugdahl, Kenneth – European Psychologist, Vol 1(3), Sep 1996, 206-220).

You might think that listening to two different voices at once would be confusing but you will notice that you do find the audios very relaxing. The dichotic suggestions do not begin with both voices immediately. First you’re led through a few minutes of relaxation with music and nature sounds. By the time the second voice kicks in and the two voices split into separate stereo channels, you’re already in a state of deep relaxation. Also, the voices typically alternate phrases from one ear to another. When they overlap it’s only for a few seconds at most. You needn’t try to follow the two voices simultaneously. Just zone out and let the information and ideas passively flow through your consciousness.

A dichotherapy session is about 30 minutes.

Each dichotic audio CD has a particular theme based on some aspect of personal development, such as overcoming anxiety, phobias, breaking obsessions and compulsions, conditioning new habits, improving relationships, accelerated learning and many more.