Get involved in a home challenge for Mental Health.

The home empire state steps challenge!

Get involved by doing it yourself! Film it, post it, add hashtags then nominate 4 of your friends!


I decided to do my first home challenge, the empire state run-up challenge on my stair case at home, it will involve climbing up, ascending 1576 steps which will also involve descending on one flight of stairs. So my challenge is to make it to the top and then back down to the bottom! Yes I must be nuts!

Me and my friend Charlie Stanley thought this would be a great idea, well he suggested it, but unfortunately for him (or fortunately) he tore his ankle 3 weeks ago falling down a flight stairs!!! Maybe that should be a sign for me, not to do it, but hey I’m gonna do it anyway.

Simple exercise plays a huge role in my life and should play a pivotal role in everyone’s life. This challenge is simple but certainly not easy. I dare you to have ago and you only need one camera!

The reason why I am doing this challenge is for my mental health campaign, the walking therapist this June 2020 where I will walk 100 miles over 4 days and whilst offering help and advice. We are in our second year and would love your support!

This challenge isn’t going to be easy and will be quite tedious but I’m guessing that my own mental and physical torment will be short lived and nothing compared to those that suffer the effects of mental health issues.


So I opted for a basic calculation that is based on the real empire state building run-up challenge in New York which is 1576 steps. I’ve worked out that I have to climb my first floor flight of stairs 125 times and back down again 125 times. That’s alot!

To be precise, count the steps on your stairs at home, most home staircases are around 13 steps. Divide 13 into 1576, (the amount of steps on the original New York challenge). This equals 121.23. Round it off and climb 122 times. Remember you will also be descending a further 122 times make you total travel 244 times.

If you’re brave enough why not set yourself the challenge in support of my walk and talk campaign or just for your own mental wellbeing! Its exercise made simple and all for a great cause! No excuses! I look forward to seeing your video clip soon!

Oh and I accept no responsibility for any accidents that may occur if you decide to do this challenge, so always check with your GP before attempting any physical challenge just to be on the safe side! I only accept my own responsibility!



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