Emotional issues such as anxiety/stress/depression have great a response with this type of treatment.

The main object of Psychoanalysis is to search for early formed negative experiences (causes) by using a method called free association. It allows the client to experience the underline issue that is causing them undue stress or anxiety or any issue that is bothering them emotionally.

After this intense memory is reframed using specialised NLP re-framing methods, the client achieves resolve and a permanent relief of the symptom(s) is felt. This can also be known as realisation.

‘There is no reason at all why anyone should have to put up with something that is inside of themselves but outside their control’.

Certain emotional experiences from our can be hidden from the clients consciousness but directly linked with behaviours such as a phobias, anxiety, depression, stress/tension or more physical symptoms.

By examining these past events and allowing the associated emotions to be realised, those patterns of behaviour, the symptoms, become unnecessary and therefore cease to be.