Steve McKeown –  #themindguru

Psychoanalyst, Cognitive Mind Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Steve has spent many years studying matters of the mind and has been a practising coach and therapist since 2003. His expertise ranges from counselling to psychoanalysis to personal development coaching. Over the years Steve has seen an array of clients with varied symptoms from simple confidence issues to more delicate problems such as anxiety and depression.

He also works with many businesses such as Samsung JBL helping them to improve staff morale and efficiency in the work place.

Steve prides himself as being very down to earth, sympathetic and believes that; ‘no one should live with a problem that is inside of them, but outside of their own control’.

Steve’s passion for his work is very noticeable in his approach to all personal matters and his understanding of people.

He has worked with a variety of top UK celebrities from footballers to TV personalities helping them gain confidence and motivation. As well as his work with celebrities he also works with a variety of private clients helping them overcome their personal demons.

He has helped his clients overcome many symptoms such as depression, sexual problems, anxieties, compulsions, obsessions and phobias, using psychoanalysis, personal development coaching, hypnotherapy  and NLP.

Steve is an author of three books, which are available on

His most recent book, Mind in Mind was released in April 2018.

He is the founding member of, Social Enterprise.

Founded campaigns: #walkandtalkcampaign

Steve also writes for a variety of newspapers and magazines and has been a regular on national TV, including ITV and E4. He is also an expert contributor for Unilad.

Steve is also a weekly expert contributor for Paul Ross on his late night TalkRadio show.


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