Steve McKeown –  #themindguru

Background and Inspiration:

Steve has always been very motivated and driven to success and has always achieved at a high level, whatever he has put his hand to, not only has he achieved academically but he has always excelled within the sporting arena. During Steve’s younger years he attended Watford Football Club, School of Excellence. He also played for his local county and attended ‘England Schoolboy trials’. Steve was also a keen athletics and cross country runner and competed at a high level and was ranked 4th best in the country at 800 meters aged 14 years.

During these years he regularly attended the English Schools Athletics Championships. Steve was also a keen multi-events athlete, where at the age of 14 years old won the South East England Pentathlon. At age 17 years he went on to compete at the English Schools Multi-Events and finished 19th in the country. At aged 17 Steve was also signed to semi-professional football club Borehamwood FC. After Steve had finished his studies he went on to run his co-owned ‘finance brokerage company’ with his Brother, specialising in debt solutions, where he managed many large portfolios in excess of £1M. Steve decided after a successful 4 years in the finance industry that he wanted to challenge himself and shifted his attention to the world of personal development/coaching where he continues to grow, helping people achieve their dreams. To this day Steve likes to challenge every aspect of life and is a keen thrill seeker and regularly seeks activities that challenge his body and mind.

Psychoanalyst, Cognitive Mind Coach and Hypnotherapist.

Steve has spent many years studying matters of the mind and has been a practising coach and therapist since 2003. His expertise ranges from counselling to psychoanalysis to personal development coaching. Over the years Steve has seen many clients with varied symptoms from simple confidence issues to more delicate problems of the mind. Steve has also worked with many businesses helping to improve staff morale to improve efficiency in the work place.

Steve prides himself as being very down to earth, sympathetic and believes that; ‘no one should live with a problem that is inside of them, but outside of their own control’.

Steve’s passion for his work is very noticeable in his approach to all personal matters and his understanding of people. Steve currently runs his own international Mental Makeover Retreat. Steve has worked with a variety of top UK celebrities from footballers to TV personalities helping them gain confidence and motivation. As well as his work with celebrities Steve also works with a variety of private clients helping them overcome their own personal demons. He has helped many clients overcome a variety of symptoms such as sexual problems, anxieties, compulsions, obsessions and phobias, using psychoanalysis, personal development coaching, hypnotherapy, life coaching and NLP. Steve is an author of three books, his first book “Slimmer Mind” helps people with weight management control and his second book “Smoke Free Mind” helps his readers overcome their smoking habits and allows them to realise they smoke because they want to, not because they have to. Steve’s passion for his work focuses on understanding people and their personalities, not just the overt symptoms they display.  Steve released his third book Mind in Mind in April 2018 which covers every aspect of his work.

Steve is also the founding member of MindFixers, Social Enterprise. 

Founded campaigns: #walkandtalkcampaign

Steve also writes for a variety of newspapers and magazines and has been a regular on national TV, including ITV and E4. He is also an expert contributor for Unilad @Unilad